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Sine Die: Texas Legislative Session is Over- It Was a Mess

The Alinsco Insurance Lobby was extremely busy guarding independent agents from the countless dangerous bills presented. We are pleased that the legislation we targeted did not pass, as the majority of the bills presented would have increased insurance rates in an already painful market for consumers. There were countless irresponsible bills put forward.

We aimed at bills that sought to complicate the appraisal process and increase timelines. We targeted bills seeking to expand or redefine coverages, which would have also increased premiums for consumers. Additionally, we targeted bills seeking to remove underwriting criteria and those that would increase litigation.

Texas consumers are already paying 45% more for their auto insurance than they were paying just two years ago. It would be misguided to put more pressure on Texas consumers' pocketbooks, considering the impact of inflation.

Alinsco is the leader in Austin, providing a lobby directed at the needs of independent agents. No other MGA spent the time or dollars to protect independent agent interests.

Here are the bills shut down in the 88th session:

HB 150 (J. Johnson) – Prohibiting Oral Releases

HB 597 (Jetton) – Appraisal Procedure

HB 1235 (E. Thompson) – Diminished value

HB 1320 (Geren) – Uninsured motorist

HB 1321 (Clardy) – Vehicle Repair

HB 1437 (Clardy) – Appraisal Procedure

HB 1656 (Capriglione) – Payment of Deductibles

HB 1716 (Guillen) – Minimum Liability Coverage

HB 1321 (Clardy) – Motor vehicle repair

HB 597 (Jetton) – Appraisal Procedure

HB 601 (Jetton) – Deceptive Practices

HB 1352 (Hernandez) – Uninsured / Underinsured

HB 2017 (Oliverson) – Innovation Waivers

HB 725 (Rose) – Discrimination

HB 831 (Johnson) – Discrimination

HB 850 (Reynolds) – Discrimination

HB 645 (Toth) – Prohibiting Value-Based Criteria

HB 4194 (Perez) – Appraisal Process

SB 474 (Springer) – Minimum Liability Coverage

SB 153 (Springer) – Proof of Insurance

SB 167 (Springer) – Excluded coverage pool

SB 554 (Hughes) – Appraisal Procedures

SB 110 (Menendez) – Discrimination

If you would like to know more about how these bills would have harmed your clients and your business I am available to discuss them at anytime.

In service to you,

Don Owens


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