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Latest Rate Changes / Sales Growth / 88th Legislature

A word of thanks as Alinsco sales have climbed in our Bravo, Select and Zoom programs. Our Pre-fill feature is back in place to make importing vehicle and driver data simple. Give us a look.

88th Texas Legislature: The Alinsco Lobby has put about 30 bills to rest which would have raised consumer premium. We focused on these bills as consumers are already struggling with high insurance premium related to inflation. There are a few more bills we are monitoring and once the session is over we will give you a summary. Alinsco is doing more than any carrier in Texas to protect independent agents. If you have particular questions I am available.

Here are the latest rate changes in Texas. Progressive is stating to agents they will be taking an additional 10% in the coming month as their first quarter loss ratio results were extremely poor. The following are estimates from filings and ITC:

  • LoneStar Maverick +5%

  • AIG +30%

  • Titan +21%

  • Allied +8%

  • Economy +15%

  • Esurance +12%

  • Gainsco +7%

  • Aspen +6%

  • Louis A Williams +7%

  • AmWins Excel +8%

  • American Access +8%

  • Unknown amounts from SNAP, Acacia, Loya, TX Ranger, Commonwealth

I am available at any time:

Don Owens


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