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December Market Update

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

As we approach 2024 the Texas auto insurance market remains tight with rates still climbing slightly. Only Falcon and United have lowered rates, the first we've seen in over three years apart from the erratic moves from Hallmark going up and down. We don't predict a trend of lowering rates. However, a loosening of underwriting and opening up of some coverage types currently paused may change with some MGAs and carriers.

Alinsco production has climbed in this environment. We are extremely pleased with 2023 results and our thanks again to you for your continued use of Alinsco.

Here is an estimate to rate changes in November - December.

  • Mendota +5%

  • United (5%)

  • Falcon (9%)

  • Allstate +5.9%

  • Liberty Mutual +10%

  • Clearcover +18%

  • Esurance +5.4%

  • Berkley +8.4%

  • Branch +25%

  • Hidden amounts from Excel, Edge, NatGen, Entegra, and Quantum

We had dozens of new agents sign up for our texting platform. You may use the number to text me directly anytime.

My personal thanks again to you for another year. I celebrated my 25th year with our organization in 2023 and the relationships with our agents, vendors, and peers are what make the journey of such value to me. All the best to you this holiday season. Please find our family annual Christmas video:

In service,

Don Owens


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