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Alinsco Begins Year 20!

Updated: Mar 28

It is a special time here at Alinsco Insurance. April 1, 2024, marks the start of the 20th year for Alinsco MGA and the 53rd year of our organization – no April Fool’s joke. There are many people to thank, and I want to attempt to thank as many as I can.


Most MGAs are gone or sold to someone else well before their 20th year. We are fortunate as a team to be under the same ownership and together after all this time. 20 years and $1.8 Billion in writings. The only thing we ever changed was the name and we still don't mind being called Empower!

Managing General Agencies note their timelines in Treaty Years. A treaty year is a term of support from reinsurance partners. We’ve had consistent partners over the years, even after we started Alinsco Insurance Company and began taking a portion of our risk. While Alinsco Insurance Company now takes most of the risk for our MGA, reinsurers are still important for our capacity and growth.


I am very grateful for the team at Dorinco Re. For over 15 years, the great people at Dorinco have supported our program and ridden the market waves with us. Drew Hilger is someone I greatly respect and appreciate. He’s been there from the start and has not only been a great partner but has also introduced me to other exciting things such as sailing on the Great Lakes.


Dan Cotter, Mike Bluzer, and Shannon Dempsey of Sompo Re have also been long-time partners. I appreciate their talent and wisdom, which have been very helpful to us over the years.


We manage our program directly with the reinsurance markets, and I am thankful for the grace, teaching, and support offered to me over the years.


The list is long, but some individuals who have supported us as it relates to reinsurance also include Lyle McCoy, Pat O’Conner, Andy Justice, Jack Woodward, Roger Williams, Simon Hayden, Freddy Wooten, David Smith, Rob Hetzel, and Doug Kovak. And though he has passed, we are grateful for John Capizi of Partner Re who was the first to say yes to our program in late 2003. And also to Tom McCall of Old American who said yes to our program on their paper.


Hard-working entrepreneurial independent agents make what we do possible. Our organization began 53 years ago as an independent insurance agency, and we still grow the unit today. Our roots and the core of our company personality are an affection and care for independents. From large agency groups to small single-door family offices, one of the gifts in my life is serving and getting to know agency principals, agents, and customer service representatives. Over these 20 years, I make it a goal to spend as much time in agent offices discussing the business and learning about them. Many are like family to me now.


I’ve lost count of all the adventures with agents outside of the office from hiking in Colorado, mountain biking in El Paso, fishing in Key West, hunting in South Texas, cruising the Caribbean, strolling the Jersey Shore, dining in Vegas, and mountain climbing in Washington. These relationships now friendships are priceless.


Worth Moutray and Tony Harper were some of the first agency owners to appoint and write with Alinsco. I am thankful to still keep up with both of them. Sharen Ragel at Worth’s office is one of the first agents to write an Alinsco policy in 2004. She is retired now, but we call each other each month and I stop by her home in Abilene to visit whenever possible.


The list of agents to thank would be even longer, but a few I am very grateful for over the years include Shane Porter, Tara Juarez, Carlos Garcia, Joe Diaz, John Paul Dominguez, Danish Charanya, Ross Oztekin, Matt Sieler, Mohammad Mommin, Rafiq Rajpari, Al Mohammad, Rodrigo Melendez, Joanna Pruitt, Anil Wastani and Jacob Bullard.


The people I work with daily are also an incredible gift in my life.

Twenty-eight years ago, I met Darin Kirby when I wasn’t even working in insurance. He is our CIO, and we’ve seen so much together over the years in our work, and we’ve also built a friendship and traveled the world with our families over 26 years. We even ran with the bulls together in Pamplona, Spain.


Maria Cortez, our COO, is one of the most resilient and hardworking individuals I’ve ever met. She started in our file room 26 years ago and helped build our company over all these years. She is an example for any woman looking to build a career and bust through the good old boy clubs. She is a true leader. She is also a friend, and our story is one the corporate world needs to hear on how men and women can build businesses together and change the culture.


Jim Jacobs and Michael Scott are the smartest people in the building. As CFO and Executive VP, they bring the math and science to each venture. They also bring the thoughtfulness and meditation needed to resolve problems. Both men now join me each year on an annual adventure in May. I’ve stood in the conference room with them working out the most difficult situations, and I’ve hiked with them in the most remote canyons of Utah.


Kelly Orr started as a physical damage adjuster with Alinsco and now leads an international claims team. She committed herself to the craft and learning and is now the teacher-leader in our company. I am grateful for her. We also share laughs quite frequently.


I serve with 150 incredible individuals with a wealth of different talents, backgrounds, and dreams. Each day I learn something new from a fellow team member.


The Boenker family has provided me countless opportunities, permitted me to learn from mistakes, and trusted me with their business and family. My life has been a great adventure thanks to them.


In twenty years, there were great highs and great lows. The great moments were celebrated, and the difficult times provided teaching and built wisdom.


One last thank you to my wife, Danae Owens. She is a driven and successful person in her career. For 37 years, she’s encouraged and supported not only my career but also the many dreams of my life.

Here’s to another year and may we all seek to serve one another this year and the years to come.


Happy 53rd Anniversary to the Boenker Group of Company Teams and Happy 20th to the Alinsco MGA Teams! Thanks for permitting me to be on the journey with you for 26 years.


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