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A February Unlike Any Other

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Most agents closed their doors during the week of February 14th. Agents and consumers alike went into survival mode as millions lost electricity for 30 - 50 hours and were managing the resulting impact on pipes in their homes and businesses.

One of our agents in Alvin, Texas text me photos of the damage in her office during the winter weather and Alinsco sent $500.00 to help with repairs and getting her office back up and going.

Looking at quotes from around the state last month (See ITC quote data below), there was an extreme drop in quotes offered and a slow rebound the following week which was well behind February 2020. The first week of March has shown improvements just before Texas goes into Spring Break mode.

I spoke with our human resource counsel for recommendations on how to respond to Governor Abbott's rescinding of the mask mandate. I'm sharing their recommendation at this time which is for offices to continue to comply with CDC and OSHA parameters as a safeguard until the results of the change are known. Please consult your own counsel before making decisions.

Text me any thoughts, questions or hellos - I would love to hear from you.



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puppy queen
puppy queen
Mar 05, 2021

I think the state is not ready yet.

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